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Application for PVC window/door profile, fence, special shape profile etc.

PVC window and door profile are very popular in the world, just because its energy efficiency, good cost-benefit ratio, easy to care for, remarkably durable and excellent eco balance.

The frame of window/door plays a decisive role in promoting energy and cost-efficient thermal insulation. Window profiles made of PVC score top marks when compared with aluminum or wooden windows. They have better insulation values and are able to reduce energy and heating costs. There is a particularly high energy saving potential when using PVC window frames in the passive house standard. Today, passive house windows can be manufactured efficiently and cost-effectively using state-of-the-art PVC profiles and the now quite common triple glazing.

High quality PVC windows are extremely easy to care for and require minimal maintenance. Wooden windows, on the other hand, have to be glazed just about every two years and painted every 5 years. PVC windows are 100 % recyclable and therefore resource-saving.

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